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Q. Is Ruco USA a distributor of Ruco Inks?
A. Ruco USA is a wholly owned, direct subsidiary of Ruco Inks, not a distributor. When you purchase from Ruco USA you are dealing direct with the manufacturer.

Q. Can I try a sample of ink?
A. Yes, samples are available at no charge. Contact us for details.

Q. Does Comdec Incorporated still distribute Ruco inks?
A. Yes, Comdec imports and distributes Ruco conventional, solvent based inks. Comdec no longer carries Ruco UV inks but will continue to be your source for all Ruco solvent based inks.

Q. How do I contact Comdec for solvent based inks?
A. Phone: 1-800-445-9176 Fax: 1-800-594-1305
Steven Meredith, President (smeredith@comdecinc.com)
Chris Blanken, Vice President of Sales (cblanken@comdecinc.com)
Betty Konkel, Customer Service (ekonkel@comdecinc.com)
Online www.comdecinc.com